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  Berkshire surveillance CCTV specialist



We offer the latest CCTV cameras

from HD to the new 5MP ip cameras




We offer the Latest Digtal Video Recorders in HD, IP. 4 ch 8ch 16ch 32ch





We also sell DVR kits for self installation with free technical support


We at Berkshire surveillance are a professional CCTV installation company will supply and fit everything you will need to protect your commercial business premises, your personal private premises. we only install the highest quality CCTV and the highest quality digital video recorders, our digital video recorders can record 400 frames per second giving you a Blu Ray DVD quality playback. All DVR's can record in real time and record in motion, what that basically means is as soon as the camera detects any movement the Digital video recorder will start recording until the motion has stopped saving you huge amounts of storage space on your hard drives installed ( up to 14 TB hard drive) but never missing any motion movement at all. We also set up remote Internet access for all your cameras so that you can remotely view them Live from anywhere in the world using an internet access over Internet Explorer web browser and your mobile phone .You can also access your cameras with software provide, this software also allows you to play back any footage recorded on your digital video recorder. The digital video recorder also records a log of all motion activation, dates and times so can go straight to the recorded motion activation.

Digital video recorder pictured below

Playback of recorded pictured below

Single screen image Below

As you can see from the images above our Cameras recorded and playback are of the highest quality We use these cameras and all of these systems on our police recovery agents Contracts We have in Berkshire. they are all evidential cameras, Facial recognition And number plate recognition cameras.

Auto Tracking Auto Zooming PTZ Dome Cameras

P T Z (Pan, tilt and zoom cameras pictured above) these cameras are very high end cameras they come in a wide range of housing and a wide range of zooms, they can be programmed to auto tour, tour preset positions .the new latest PTZ Dome camera have the auto track and follow function this will automatically follow any movement it detects, whether it be a person a car, it will zoom in to the motion height it detects and follow them the entire time they are in the cameras set parameters, once the motion has stopped the camera will return to its home position.

Mobile Security Patrols

WOW For as Little As £7 Per Night


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